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Chuck Robertson, Ph.D. [userpic]
SFCS Virtual Wednesday -- What now?
by Chuck Robertson, Ph.D. (prof_chuck)
at November 9th, 2005 (07:18 am)
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SFCS Scholars,

Glad we got to talk about the way final examinations play out on Monday. I believe that discussion will help several of you not fall into a bad test taking situation.

With that in mind I want to encourage you to think about what you need to accomplish between now and the end of the semester and see how it fits into your calendar.

Answer the following questions and any others that you feel will help you get organized for the academic sprint coming up in each of your classes:

1. When is the final examination and what will it cover (just a few chapters or is it comprehensive).

2. How may tests do I have left and what do they cover.

3. How many and what kind of papers or essay assignments do I have left. Have I acquired the correct resources (plan on interlibrary loans taking a couple of weeks).

4. Labs, am I up to date?

5. Group projects: Are we organized? Do we have good leadership and competent people working on tasks? Do I need to take some serious initiative and get the project rolling?

6. What ever I forgot that is relevant to you being successful in your classes ;-)

See you on Monday or if you drop by....


Posted by: mustangsally86 (mustangsally86)
Posted at: November 14th, 2005 11:59 pm (UTC)

1. I have a group project for my Music Appreciation class as my final and the other two test this semester are over the chapters we are studying now. In Ethics I have a comprehensive exam and the same in my World Civ class. I have my exams on Friday and Saturday. In my math class we haven't really discussed anything about our exam.
2. I have a test in Music on Wednesday and then another one before our project is due. I also have another test in Ethics but I'm not sure when exactly it is yet.
3. I don't have any papers coming up that are due but one more may pop up in Ethics.
4. I don't have any labs.
5. Our groups have already been chosen and our assignments have been assigned.
6. Study hard!!!

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