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Chuck Robertson, Ph.D. [userpic]
Battle of the Sexes
by Chuck Robertson, Ph.D. (prof_chuck)
at November 16th, 2005 (07:19 am)


Do you want to be a part of battle of the sexes. I'll sponsor a team. No one has come to me yet.

If you want to get a team together just come to the psych office and tell Ms. Francis that you are in my SFCS class and that you want to have a team. I'll pay her when I get back from Washington. The team can be from 2-6 players.

If any of you three boys want to have a team I'll sponsor you too.

Think you know the opposite sex? Test your sex IQ and find out!

The Psychology Club and NGCSU Psi Chi invite you to join us for Battle
of the Sexes - Thursday, Nov. 17th at 7PM in the HNS Auditorium. Teams
of 2-6 males or females will answer questions about the opposite sex,
competing for a $100 cash prize ($50 for the runner up).

Tickets will be sold in advance for $3 in the Canteen and Chow Hall on
Monday, Nov. 14th and Tuesday, Nov. 15th. from 11AM to 2PM. Teams may
also register at these locations as well (there is a $15 registration
fee). Tickets will be available at the door for $5.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Sean Rife -

Hope to see you there!